The Satellite Education Program is a new, one-of-a-kind cooperative education project between United States Public School Districts and the Chinese Ministry of Education in Beijing as well as participating local Chinese Education Commissions. The Satellite Education Program allows for Chinese students, while remaining in China, to attend an authentic replication — or Satellite as it were — of a participating American public high school within Chinese facilities in various cities throughout China. The Chinese students, while in China, will be registered in the participating American Public School Districts. Upon completion of the American School District’s graduation requirements, the Chinese students will receive an actual American high school diploma — naming the participating school in the USA — as well as student transcripts listing that Chinese student as a graduate of that particular American public high school. The Program is also currently exploring the possibilities of expanding into Primary and Elementary opportunities as well. Please contact us for further information.

SEP is a program, we do not have brick and mortar schools, rather our program is offered at existing school facilities throughout China – check your local high school to see if they participate.

SEP also offers students and teachers the opportunity for various exchange programs within the American Public School Districts. The Program offers several ‘Camps,’ including Exchange trips, ranging from high school tours and immersion experiences to specific subject-related class sit-ins for particular subject interests such as Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Agricultural Studies, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Economics, Business Administration … and the list goes on.

SEP is not an online school, nor a typical international school offering generic diplomas — the diplomas SEP offers are authentic diplomas from United States Public School Districts, naming the participating school on the diploma, signed by the American high school Principal and the School District Administrator (Superintendent). The students attend real-life high school in Chinese public or private schools, taught by visiting American US State Government-certified teachers holding Education diplomas. The participating schools offer dormitories, lab classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, and gymnasiums, as well as many other accommodations.

SEP offers Chinese students the chance to earn an authentic American high school diploma (as well as the required Chinese high school diploma), record a legitimate and US government-authorized GPA, create a record of US courses completed, have access to State-Certified US public high school instructors, utilize actual US high school textbooks in actual US high school courses, as well as train in SAT, TOEFL, ACT, and AP curricula if desired — taught by State-certified American teachers. For more information, contact us.